What are the advantages of Advanced Lathe Tools products?

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Why are the boring bars solid?
Why are the wheels on your Center Steady different than the ones on other Center Steadies in the market?
We concentrate on simple, strong design, developed and evolved over many years of making deep hollow vessels and other professional turning. We are turners by choice, tool designers by necessity.
One of the primary problems faced by turners is vibration. Vibration can be anything from an annoyance to a total impediment to turning (when it becomes chatter). Using a solid bar increases the mass and helps resist vibration.
Three reasons. One is that we have found that the commonly used roller blade and skate board wheels are too soft to fight vibration, and they will melt when carrying heavy loads at high speeds. We use large industrial type bearings instead of the tiny bearings that others use. Our steadies will easily withstand the heaviest loads and highest speeds for hours on end. Our wheels are not cast. Instead, they are machined from solid bar stock, and the final shaping is done after the bearings are pressed into the wheel for perfect accuracy. We make a version of our signature wheel that has a soft contact surface for those who must have one.
Are your tools powder coated?
No. We understand that our tools would look better if we invested in fancy coatings, but it would not improve their function at all. What it would do is increase the cost to our clients.
Wouldn't your center steadies be better with four spokes and wheels instead of three?
Having created more than a thousand deep hollow vessels on center steadies with three spokes has convinced us that three is enough. Again, four would increase the cost.
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Why should I contact you before ordering?
You may not need what you think you do, so we might be able to save you some money. On the other hand, we may be able to point out what would work best for your equipment and intent. And, our tools often are customized for your lathe.
Why are your tools exclusively Gas Tungsten Arc Weld (TIG) welded?
This method of welding is slower and more expensive, but gives us far greater quality assurance of the welds on our products.
Why are your boring bars round - wouldn't square bars be stronger?
Square bars would have more steel, size for size, but they cause a great deal of discomfort even after only a short period of use.