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Several years ago, internationally recognized hollow form turner Steve Sinner found the commercial tools then available were limiting his ability to create what he envisioned, so he began designing and making his own. Other turners noticed the advantages of Steve’s handmade tools and requested copies for their use. When requests for the improved tools grew, Steve joined forces with Jerry Sergeant, another experienced turner, and created Advanced Lathe Tools in 2007. Sarge left the company in 2011 for health reasons, but Steve continues to build these high quality designs.

Advanced Lathe Tools maintains a business philosophy based on the golden rule. We strive to keep quality high and prices low. Tool designs are constantly evaluated and changes are made whenever improvements are possible. In keeping with these objectives, money is spent on things that matter to our clients, like providing the highest quality adjustable handles we can find. We do not spend money on things like expensive or unnecessary coatings that look nice, but have no bearing on performance.

We use the TIG welding process exclusively on our products. Although it is the slowest and most expensive of production welding processes, it assures us of superior strength, quality, and durability.

We machine our own wheels from solid bar stock and turn the outer diameter after the bearings are pressed into the wheel, using the true bearing center for accuracy.

Our tools work. We know they work, because we have used them extensively over many years. And we are still using them. We did not just sit down and design these tools, we actually evolved them over long periods of use.
Steve Sinner designs are simple and strong, but their greatest value lies in their ability to make difficult turning jobs easier and safer.

Steve teaches his methods of high efficiency deep hollowing at schools, chapter meetings, and symposiums. He has taught at many venues, including Marc Adams School of Woodworking in Indiana, John C. Campbell Folk School in North Carolina, and Arrowmont in Tennessee. Steve's work may be seen on the internet by searching "steve sinner wood."
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